Saturday, 6 February 2016



SVG-Tools is a set of small LibreOffice / OpenOffice .odt files with Macros that can batch process SVG-Files.

The main purpose is to prepare and process SVGs for usage in LibreOffice.
see LOSA : LibreOfficeSongbookArchitect

Some Tools for altering SVG's from Musescore, some are for all kinds of SVGs.


  1. Musescore Staffline ColorSizer for Musescore 2.0.2
    Change colors and widths of Stafflines, ledger lines, Tablature strings, Guitar Diagram strings and frets of SVG's exported by Musescore.

  2. Musescore SVG Splitter for Musescore 2.0.2 (and 2.0.3)
    Split Musescore's Multipage SVG's into single SVG's. Auto-detection of Number of Pages for DinA4 and Letter. 
    (Though 2.0.3 is supported the SVG files from it have a scaling bug. Your score must be at default Staff scaling and grace notes etc. will be at wrong scale)

  3. SVG BlackColorChanger
    Change the color of all black elements in SVG's.
    (May be useful for "prepress")

  4. SVG Rotate
    Rotate SVG's  90°Left, 180° or 90°Right.
    (If you try to rotate an imported SVG with LO-Writer's builtin rotate-command you get a raster image as result. We don't want that :-)